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Ranch Raves


I bring my dog to daycare at the Double D at least once a week and was so happy today! It was my pups birthday and you would have thought it was my child's birthday. He got a special scarf, pupcakes, pupsicles, pictures and a wonderful massage. I just LOVED the pictures and that you take time to spoil every dog whether it is a birthday, an adoption anniversary or a special holiday...yes we even got presents for Christmas. Thank you for all you do for our fur kids! - Jennifer and Mike


After my two labs came home sick ($500 vet bill) from the last boarding facility I took them too I vowed to never board again...that is until I found the Double D! My two love Deanna and Dodd and I love the fact that they are out in the fresh air, the very small number of dogs they take (and screen hard!) and all the personalized care that each dog gets, including no charge for my special diet and vitamins. My black lab, Riley, had a little bump on his chest that I knew about but I love the fact that they know all the dogs so well and alert owners to anything they see or find and treat each dog as an individual and cater to those needs. I am just beyond thrilled to have found you guys...the best! - Mary


I am just thrilled that I have finally found a place to keep my two German Shorthair bird hunting dogs where they can run to their hearts content. My girls are used to running 5+ miles a day and now we have a place where they can stretch their legs and get the exercise they need and keep all their good manners and training too. I love how they jump out of the car, come in and take right off to their favorite place down by the barn...probably hunting rabbits! - Bill


WOW! I can't believe how amazing you treated my two dogs Bentley and Lila. They came home happy, healthy, tired and I could tell they were loved like one of your own. You even sent them home with better manners than when we dropped them off (really noticed how much Bentley's jumping and door manners had improved!). We will be sending all our friends to you and we can't wait to bring them to daycare once a's like a privately screened dog park! A million thanks. - Tom and Diane


Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I have been boarding my dogs at a traditional kennel for many years and they came home unhappy, often didn't eat, came home stinky and had several times they came home with respiratory illnesses. My Lilly ate, wasn't dehydrated, always smells good and was so peaceful, happy and tired.  Her tail wags every time we stay with you guys and knowing she gets to be in the house with you as a senior dog who doesn't play much makes me so happy. Baxter being a youngster so loves to play chase and wrestle and I just love the fact how much room he has to run and play ball...and that you don't charge extra for anything. I love knowing that there is always someone home at night and on Sundays and they aren't locked up at closing time. - Janice and Tim


I have been searching for a place for many years like the Double D where my dogs live like they are at home! When I saw the photo of my two pups on the couch watching tv at night like a member of the family, and my labs head on Dodd's leg my heart jumped for joy! I actually have to leash my pups up when it is time to leave as they don't want to come home! This place is a dog's dream. - Lenny


I am so excited to have found the Double D Dog Ranch. It pained me to leave our wonderful dog in a concrete, fenced bunker while I was on vacation. Other facilities cannot compare to the Double D. Deanna and Dodd have taken wonderful care of my "baby" and he sleeps in their house and not in a cage. He plays outside in the yard, romps with their dogs and even gets to go on hikes. Their ranch is huge and perfect for a dog to roam and run. Imagine: 5 fenced acres! I finally feel that I can take a trip and it won't be a "guilt trip". I know that y dog is being cared for and geting personal attention. I even received texts and pictures to show me how much fun he was having. I feel I have struck gold and won't take my dog anywhere else. - Sandy M.


I could not be happier with Deanna and Dodd at the Double D Ranch! When we first got our golden retriever puppy, Penny, I really wanted to make sure she was well socialized and had a place to expend all that puppy energy. In the Double D Ranch I found all of that! In Deanna and Dodd I found people who would spoil my Penny just like I do! Penny goes to doggie daycare every Tuesday and LOVES it! When we travel, we board here there as well. The kennel free environment is amazing, the dogs at the ranch are always friendly and the owners are very accomodating. Thank you, Deanna and Dodd, for loving Penny all these months and providing her a true "home away from home." We look forward to many more years of using the Double D Ranch! - Christie


You know when your dog loves going some place...the moment when we turn onto the street Truman gets so excited! His tail starts wagging and he can't sit still. The moment the door to the car opens, he's off on a run to go play with his friends! My favorite thing about Truman staying with Deanna and Dodd is that he is treated like family! I know he's getting everything he would if he were home with us! It's also really nice that it takes him about 2 days to recover from a stay at the Double D Ranch, her dogs, and the others that were visiting too! It's amazing when my two year old pup is tired! I'm grateful that we found some place to take Truman for daycare and when we are out of town. - Beth


I had been looking for a place I could take our dog to, that would not feel like a punishment. So many place are industrial buildings  with incessantly barking masses of dogs, caged up like prisoners, rotated to the 'grounds' periodically before being returned to their cells. One place I asked what the over night scenario is, is someone on location, what do they do if there is a problem or emergency? The answer, they just lock up and go home, they rely on a security system. My immediate thought was relates to a security system in your home, between the moment a problem is realized (fire, flood, break in, whatever the case may be) and the time for emergency services to be conacted then the proper service to be dispatched?? That horrifies me. There is no way I would feel comforatable leaving my pup in that kind of 'care'.


My dream was to find a place I could enjoy taking my dog to , that I could bring him there as a treat and have fun but also a place he can trust and feel safe. A place I could feel at peace leaving him at, knowing he is safe, cared for, loved and enjoyed himself (not miserable , caged etc).


Bringing him to visit with you all on a regular basis has been so much fun (for him and me), he even knows what day, starts bouncing around in excitement and squeals with joy as we get closer to the ranch, bouncing out of the car to get to his friends to play. There are so many wonderful benefits to this, he knows I am coming back so there is no anxiety when we leave him and I have a wonderful place for him to enjoy when we have to be away for more than a day or two.


Thank you so much!!!! I do not think I can say that enough! The happiness, joy and so much more that you have given us and brody....Thank you!! - Tina and Chad


Double D Ranch has been the best experience ever! Coco loved going to see Deanna and Dodd and the other dog's at the ranch. We loved them so much he became a regular at daycare twice a week and longer visits when we traveled. From the minute we turned down the street, his tail would start wagging and he would get super excited to visit his friends. Coco was always treated so well and like family at the ranch. We have tried other daycare's in the past and nothing compares to the love and attention he got there! Our Coco is no longer with us but our next dog will soon become a regular with them. I highly recommend the Double D Ranch and your dog will thank you for chosing them. - Ben and Jessica (our bunkhouse is know as the Coco Bunkhouse in memoriam of this great chocolate lab!!!)



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