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Double D Ranch specializes in agility training and competition. We compete with our Golden Retrievers and Border Collies in AKC, USDAA and NADAC trials.


The Black Forest Fliers is our competitive agility team that works and travels together to  shows in CO and surrounding states.


If you have a dog that needs a job but you don't have the time to do the work/training, please contact us to have your dog evaluated to see if they would be a good fit as a part of the Black Forest Flier Team!



All I can say is agility is so much fun and builds great confidence in your dog and builds a special bond between you and your dog! Jumps, tunnels, teeter-totter, A-Frame, hoops, dog walk, chutes, tires, weave poles and will form a terrific working relationship with your dog as you tackle these obstacles and run full courses.

Agility Classes

Please contact us to be put on the list! Limited to 6 dogs. As you progress, your dog will learn target and focus techniques, table work, small jumps, tire, A-frame, dog walk, teeter, weaves, tunnels and chute and will continue to work on basic obedience. Your dog should have a sit, down, stay and recall. Dogs must be 9 months old and be very well socialized to other dogs and humans.


$200 for a 6 week class (45-60 minute class)

$30 for private lessons (20-30 minutes of private instruction)

Dogs/handlers that have already started agility and/or are competing please contact us for days/times.






Sit, Stay, Heel, Come, Leash Walking and how to be the pack leader of your dog! We use simple tools with slip leads, treats, toys and positive reinforcement with one-on-one instructions, small classes and our popular stay and train! We specialize in leash work!! Contact Deanna about Obedience options!




Agility - Black Forest Fliers
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